Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Card Photos

     We are only two days into Christmas break and I have to admit, these kids are driving me nuts!!! Now, I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it's just the Christmas excitement that has them going ape shit but honestly I think they're just trying to see how "bad" they can be before Santa really decides to give them a lump of coal. And let me tell you, this Santa is close! 
      As a mother of three, I know that at any given moment of the day, there is always one kid crying or throwing a fit, another kid fighting with their sibling or being picked on, and always something getting spilled, ripped, or broken. So of course I thought it would be a great idea to have the kids pose for a photo for our Christmas cards. What was I thinking???

The photos started off innocently enough expect my poor oldest daughter suffers from the same issue her mom suffers from: Extreme Fake Smiling. No matter how hard we try, a real "natural" smile in a photo is hard to come by. 

Here I told her to open her eyes more.... so naturally she decides to open her mouth also... 

Because I felt the photo shoot was going too well, I decided to throw in some tree decorations to up the cuteness factor. 

And now my oldest and youngest are both suffering from Extreme Fake Smiling.

Here was a great picture and I felt like it was almost prefect but I wanted to take just one more photo to make sure I caught them at their maximum cuteness. 

And then the tinsel broke..... 

From then on the photo shoot was a complete wash. Each kid took turns making the photo look silly and driving their mother crazy. 

After reviewing this picture I said, "oh I give up. Just pose however you want!"

And so of course this is what I got...

And this...

Let's not forget this...

And in this photo when I asked my middle child what she was doing she of course said, "that's my smelling a toot face." That's what I get for asking. Notice my oldest missing? Yup, she fell behind the chair, this photo shoot is officially over!

Loading the photos onto the computer I thought, surely out of 35 pictures there had to be at least one photo that was good right??? Well, call it a Christmas miracle because yes, there was one photo that did turn out good. And only one photo. I present to you our 2013 Christmas Card photo...... thank goodness I don't have to do this again for year! Now to figure out how to crop the time stamp on the photo.


Yours Truly, 

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