Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter Bucket List

    Guess who is still keeping up the seasonal Bucket List tradition? This girl!!! What What! While we have already checked a few of the items off, here is our Winter Bucket List. 

    What I like about this activity is that everyone in the family gets to suggest things to do (within reason) and at the end of the season the list becomes a keepsake for our memory boxes..... aka file folders that I throw keepsake junk in so I don't have to feel bad about my lack of ability to scrapbook. No seriously. I made a scrapbook once using Elmer's glue and markers then went to a scrapbooking party and got laughed out of the place. Never again! But anyways, enough about that, what's on your Winter Bucket List?

Yours Truly,

Elf on the Shelf Gone Wrong!

    I know, I know, I've been slacking on the ole' blog updates and while I would love to say there's some good reason for it like a trip to the Bahamas, the real reason is because my computer sucks. It is soooo slow and is constantly freezing up. I can barely get through a facebook status update let alone a blog post but there's hope on the horizon. Hopefully very soon I will have saved up enough for a new computer. That or there's some phantom millionaire reader that just can't handle the thought of being deprived of my witty blog updates and is going to buy me a new computer. Either way works for me.
    So I had all these really awesome blog update ideas throughout the Christmas break but never got around to typing them up. But trust me, they were really good. Did everyone have a good holiday? Ours was good, but of course the highlight for me was being able to say goodbye to that stupid elf! Yes I know my hate for that elf is unnatural but it's not without cause. 
    When we first got that Elf on the Shelf (from the in-laws) I had all intentions of being that fun mom that thinks up the cool spots for the kids to find the elf. I must have pinned a hundred different ideas but lack of supplies, motivation, and just plain remembering to move the dang thing played against me. All the while that stupid little elf sat there (in the same spot for three days) smiling at me and my failure at becoming one of "those" moms. 
   While my BFF Jess sympathized with me she still held out hope that I or better yet, we could set up one of those silly, cool elf scenes for the kids to wake up and find. The plan was that she would come visit and stay the night and we would set up the elf for the kids to find. Okay, I'm game. 
     So Jessica found the prefect Elf scenario and by prefect I of course mean, I had at least some of the supplies needed. And we waited for the kids to go to sleep. We decided to go with the ole' Elf making a snow angel out of flour. Sounds simple enough. 

Photo courtesy of  Real Life, Real Estate, Real Dana

    We got the kids in bed, set up the elf, and after a few more hours of girl talk, I went to bed knowing that thanks to my BFF Jess I was finally going to feel the reward of being one of "those" moms. Okay, I think you guys are getting to know me by now, do anyone of you think that really happened? No, this is what I woke up to. 

    Isn't that just wonderful? Not only did I wake up to that but I also got to hear two girls scream and cry because as any good elf owner knows, the most important rule is that you cannot touch the elf. Thanks Jess, this is so much better then the usual, "oh look he's on the bookshelf, AGAIN!" Apparently touching the elf caused him to lose his magic powers which then leads to your kids having a panic attack over magicless elves. 
    Using my own little creativity I made the elf a little bed to recover in and the girls wrote him a note to let him know just how sorry they were. I know, I know, it's a freaking toy elf but if you're this far in like I am you just gotta roll with it. 

   And I gotta say the bed actually turned out kind of cute. But the best part is that because K3 touched the elf, I didn't have to move him that night. Score! Okay, so maybe I forgot about him and left him there for four days but as I tell my kids, that's just because he lost a lot of magic and needed the extra recovery time.

Yours Truly,