Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bucket List Check-In

   With the last few weeks being extremely busy....... well okay, busier then normal, there is one perk to it all. Checking off things on the Fall Bucket List!!! Yay!! No really, I'm seriously excited. Last time I was only able to get a total of 14 out of 21 things accomplished and already we're over halfway done. I will credit that all to my super, one of "those" moms abilities and  more importantly, actually making more realistic bucket list goals.
    I decided that instead of devoting a blog post to each individual event that I should have done 3 weeks ago when the activity was really happening; I would just do a little recap full of pictures and minimal captions. Enjoy! 
1. Go on school field trips.
K1 and K2 had school field trips on the same day so Nick and I each picked a daughter to go with. I went with K1's 2nd grade class to Pendleton's Country Market to visit their Butterfly Bio Villa.

K1 holding a butterfly

Having fun on a hayride
 Nick went with K2's kindergarten class to Schaake's Pumpkin Patch. K1's field trip got over a half hour before K2's field trip and they were literally down the road from each other so I surprised K2 and daddy at the pumpkin patch.
Surprise, mom is joining you!

K2 and a friend being silly in the hay bale maze

2. Go to the Pumpkin Patch as a family. 
While K2 and her class already went to Schaake's Pumpkin Patch, it wouldn't be fall if we didn't go there as a family to pick our pumpkins and take our traditional "how tall are you" photos. This year my sister and my favorite (and only but still favorite) niece joined us. Oh and if you're wondering how to say Schaake's... well good luck on figuring it out. I've gone there ever since I was 5 years old and I'm still not 100% sure. At one time a worker there told me it was pronounced like Shakes so that's what I called it for years and years. Someone else recently told me it's pronounced like Shaw-keys. And then another person says it like Shake-Es. So who knows. All I know is that they've got pumpkins and locally produced jelly so that works for me!

We love Schaake's Pumpkin Patch!

My 5 foot tall 2nd grader!!!

My 4 ft. tall Kindergartner

My 3 and a half ft. tall niece

My 2 ft tall and too busy for photos 2 year old

Look who found his pumpkin

K1 found her pumpkin

K2 is running around like a crazy woman

And now dad has to find a way to put it all in the van! 

3. Go on the Haunted Hayride
Our town has for the second year in a row hosted a haunted hayride. It's a lot of fun and just the right amount of scary for little kids. This year we invited all my extended family on my mom's side to join us for dinner, the Haunted Hayride, and roasting marshmallows afterward. The funny thing with our extended family is that it seems like the only time we see everyone is at holidays where we spend the whole time focusing on the kids and then end up leaving in a rush to go to the next family function. The Haunted Hayride gave us a rare opportunity to just hang out, enjoy each others company, and give the kids a good scare. It was a really great night!

Waiting to get on the hayride. Our group was so big we had a tractor to ourselves.

The kids preparing to be spooked

My attempt at taking a photo of the group behind me.

 4. Go Trick or Treating and Get A lot of Candy
As you can tell from this activity I made sure that a lot of our bucket list items were things we were for sure going to do. My kids are past the age of going to just a couple family members houses and calling it good so with my niece and her parents in tow, we took on the town. Luckily for the parents, our little town is basically only 4 blocks and we were done with plenty of time to come back and enjoy some "adult" caramel apple cider. 
Starting off Halloween with our traditional ghost pancakes with blood syrup

K2 is bat girl.... how stinking cute is that?

K3 is a skeleton cat.... still pretty cute if you ask me!

K3 as a very tired Captain America, it doesn't get much cuter then that.

With my zombie niece added to the group we were ready to go trick or treating.

Halloween 2012
 So there's our Fall Bucket List so far. We also got to cross out carving pumpkins and drinking hot apple cider (the non-adult version). But I didn't take any photos of those activities. We still have a few things left on our bucket list but I feel good about this one. I think we'll be able to at least finish all but one or two of the items. We can't all be "those" moms. I hope you all are having an enjoyable fall also, anyone else tackling a bucket list this season????

Yours Truly,

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