Friday, November 30, 2012

Black Friday Penny Pinchin'

    Well it looks like I'm back from my self-appointed Thanksgiving break and ready get my blog on! Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? Ours was good........we hosted Thanksgiving at our house, my husband went hunting in the morning with my brothers, had a lot of great food, tons of leftovers, and a little family drama but nothing that isn't normal for my relatives. While it's one of my favorite holidays and I try to instill in my kids the purpose of Thanksgiving, I have to admit I'm thankful it only happens once a year. 
    Now on to the more important question, did everyone have a great Black Friday? Or better yet, what have-to-have item did you stand in line for hours to buy? Yes I am a Black Friday Freak. And get this, so is my husband!!! I know, I'm lucky. While he hates most shopping, he is a  cheapass frugal shopper and loves a good sale. We have a tradition of packing up the kids and leftovers, heading to my grandma's house, and the kids stay the night while Nick and I go out and battle the crowds for $1 videos. I would love to say that we go out and buy the 40" T.V's or I pod's or something electronics that's still expensive but on sale for a huge discount but no, we usually just go for the less sought out items like cheap down alternative comforters, or hoodie towels for the kids at Kohls, or better yet our prized $22 Fire pit..... I was actually really pumped about that one. But even though we don't go for the big ticket items we still get a lot of great finds and spend entirely too much money. Which this is a whole other topic but why don't they spread Shop Local Saturday and Cyber Monday out in two week increments? Then average people like me could actually have more money to spend on those days because I'm gonna be honest, I'm usually pretty broke after Black Friday..... well at least until the next payday. 
    That being said I have found ways to be frugal in those post Black Friday weeks and one of the ways is by making homemade cleaners. Now before you go all, "aww snap she's gone hippie" hear me out. My first homemade cleaner experience was with homemade liquid laundry soap. It not only worked just as well as my usual store bought laundry soap but in the long run it was a hell of a lot cheaper and lasted for-EVER! That and you actually know what goes into your cleaners. Unlike packaged food, there is no regulation as of now that requires cleaning product manufacturers to list all the ingredients on the package. So who knows what you're getting in your cleaner; ammonia, rat poisoning, crushed up unicorn horns, who knows. The one ingredient I know that is in most of your cleaning products is water, lots and lots of water. Like 80-90% water and let me tell you what, we are paying a butt load for water. Again, the frugal lady in me is coming out but that's a huge reason why I've attempted to start making my own homemade cleaners. 
    As a solid to you, think of it as your post Black Friday bonus I have decided to add some of my own homemade cleaner recipes on here for you all to enjoy. Try them out, tell me what you think, and definitely share any of your own homemade cleaner recipes with me. Embrace your inner hippie..... or if you're like me, let your Frugal Flag Fly!! 
Yours Truly,

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