Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Fall Bucket List

    Check it out! This summer we made a summer bucket list and while we only completed 14 out of the 21 things on our list, it was a fun way to keep track of some of the exciting things we did in the summer. And to be honest, a way for me to feel good about myself that at least 14 times this summer I was a fun mom. We probably would have completed at least 4 more things on the list but they included using a tent and even though #4 on our list was to Buy A Tent we never got around to buying one. What can I say, tents are expensive and we don't really camp enough to justify spending $150 on a tarp. Now that same amount of money on a Kuerig coffee maker? Definitely a wise investment. *hint hint* Nicolas. All in all it turned out to be a fairly good summer .Despite the brutal heat.
    Learning from our overly ambitious summer bucket list we decided that this family bucket list would be a little more realistic. To create our bucket list we go around to each person (excluding K3 who isn't old enough to understand the concept yet and just kept repeating "my list.. my list!") and let them pick one thing that they would like to do in the fall until we run out of ideas or more likely until I start to feel overwhelmed and have a slight panic attack. K1, our super caring child thought up sweet family bonding activities like going on a nature walk and picking apples together. K2 apparently thought money was no option and kept on insisting on us going to Disneyland. After a little bit of coaxing, she did end up suggesting going Trick or Treating on Halloween. Works for me! 
   So here it is. Our Fall Family Bucket List and I have to admit I think we'll actually accomplish everything on it this time. Well, maybe. We'll just have to wait and see!!

    Do you have a family fall bucket list? What's one thing you want to do before fall is over? 
                                                                    Yours Truly

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