Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mums The Word

    I love Fall. There's just something about this season that inspires me to embrace it. I love fall colors, hot fall flavored drinks, pumpkins, football games, bonfires, fall baking, Thanksgiving.... I just really love fall. Maybe it's because I can finally go outside without getting instant sweat crack (TMI, I know) or maybe it's because I want to savor this season as long as possible because we all know that before we're ready Old Man Winter will be freezing our car windows. Old Man Winter can suck it. 
    Thanks to the Fall Bucket List we're not just going to embrace fall but we're going to own this season!! One thing I wanted to do is make our front porch more festive. Besides our usual poorly carved pumpkins we never have anything else outside. Not this year. I found the cutest idea for decorating your porch/yard and guess what else, it's SUPER EASY!! 

    First you're going need your supplies. All you need is a pumpkin, or two, Mum plant(s) (I got three because they were on sale at our grocery store 3 for $12), and a good carving knife. Simple right? 

    Now take your knife and carve around the top. 

Careful, this is about as hard as it gets!
Time for the fun part!! Removing the guts!! 

    Okay, so guts aren't your thing. No worries, have a kid do it, they love that stuff.

Don't get rid of the guts just yet, roasted seeds are so good! 

Aww, prefect! 

Now just take one of the plants (I left mine in the container) and put them into the pumpkin. Ta-Dah!!

How freaking cute is that? And it was super simple. I think the total time, counting all the photo taking was 45 minutes. So roughly 15 minutes a pumpkin. If you really want to jazz them up you could add a pretty fall colored bow but this is Deja, not Martha Stewart so I opted for the bowless look. Not that I had bows to use in the first place but still I think they turned out great!

Another Craft/DIY project that is kid approved!! So go on people, gets your pumpkin on and make fall your bitch! Got an easy fall craft idea you'd like to share?

Yours Truly,

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