Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just Painting Some Gourds

    Guess who got her crafty mom on? This girl!! Thanks to this post on and my stock pile of halfway dried out paint that I haven't used in months or at least since I made my Picture Frame Jewelry Display I was pretty much ready to do this craft. All I need were some small gourds and what do you know, I just happened to have some in my Fall decorations tub that was in the garage.
   Okay, here's the truth. I bought these gourds last year for this specific craft but for whatever reason I only base painted a couple of the gourds and then gave up. Maybe it was the waiting for things to dry or maybe it was the one year old that never let me do much of anything at that time but sadly those gourds never got painted....... until NOW!
    K3 went to his 1st professional baseball game with his daddy and grandpa. The girls for some reason were being extremely well behaved, maybe because Good Luck Charlie was on but I knew now was the prefect time to get my craft on!

   Following the examples for most of the gourds I painted them to resemble the ones from the website. I added googly eyes because some reason I have a small stock pile of them and everything looks better with googly eyes, right?  I came up with a couple of the characters on my own and I have to say I'm pretty impressed with myself. I mean really how cute are these?

And just because I'm really shocked at how simple and good these turned out, here are some close-up pictures.

   Now if I can do that, I know you can. All it takes is a few simple supplies and place you can set the gourds while they're drying.... preferably one out of reach of little fingers. I wasn't the only person impressed with these gourds. My kids loved them and my husband kept telling me just how great they looked. So either I did an amazing job on this craft or the rest of my crafts resemble pasta glued on to construction paper. Oh and just so you know, my little guy had a great time the game with daddy and grandpa! I can't believe he's old enough to go on Boys Only adventures already!!

   So what is something you're doing to bring a little Halloween spirit to your home this fall?
                                                                       Yours Truly,

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