Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nothing Beats the Innocence of a Child

    This week has been crazy busy which started with a full weekend of homecoming, a tractor pull.... yes really, we went to a tractor pull, church activities, and doing something that has now became a tradition in our family, waving at the motorcycles that ride by in the Bikers for Babies Ride. The Kansas City Bikers for Babies Ride is the most successful ride for the March of Dimes. This year there were over 5,000 bikers and they raised over $650, 000 for the March of Dimes. It's such a neat thing to watch thousands of motorcycles ride through our small little town once a year to raise money for such a great cause, the least we could do is wave at them as they ride by.
Waving to the Bikers for Babies
    The rest of the week so far has been just as crazy. Nick's been working overtime with his job which I'm sure will be helpful when his check comes but for now it's just a major pain in my ass. I've had to find babysitters for K3 when I work or worse yet, bring him to work. Have you ever heard that term that trying to clean with a toddler in the room is like trying to brush your teeth while eating Oreos? The same goes for bringing your toddler to work. I never knew how long two hours could feel or how messy one room could get when there's a bored 2 year old around. Besides that I've had to help with all of K1's homework, make sure all three are bathed and fed, do a Pikachu cake for an order on Wednesday, check my Facebook..... and attempt to clean the house. Single moms I give you props because this chick is worn out!
    Today was the 1st day in two weeks that my husband had a day off and we took advantage. After my super productive day of work without a toddler, we went to Lawrence and bought some supplies for two cake orders I have for Saturday and Sunday. Woot Woot! I was able to read some of my book for the Library Book Club, oh yes I'm in a book club. Granted I haven't gone to a meeting in over 6 months but this month will be the month, I just know it! The book's called The No.1 Lady Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith. Have you read it? What do you think of it? So far I give it an eeehhhhhh. After a nap that left me feeling like dog snot I finally got around to asking K1 how her day was. My kids as I'm sure most kids, say things that can make me just smile because they're so cute or say things that I can only blame their dad for..  "Oh mom did I tell you what W and I saw on the orange play equipment?" Since this was the first I've talked to her since she's been home, (I know way to go mom) I don't think so. "Well I think it was a bad word. It said 'Kiss My Vag" only she said vag as in bag with a V instead of a B. Ummmm.
"Oh yeah? Hum, what do you think that means?" Setting myself up for an interesting conversation.
"I think it means kiss my butt." Okay, that's not as bad as the other, we'll take it. "And guess what. Someone drew a picture of snake with a big butt and one eye."
Baby K1 with her Uncle Chase
 Visualizing it yet? As I tried desperately to hold in my laugh, all I could say is, "Well that's not good." while saying a quick thank you for letting my 7 year old still be my sweet innocent little girl prayer. Just now while typing this she comes in from outside holding a bird feather and told me that she knows her Uncle Chase (1983-2006) was thinking of her because today and yesterday he left her a feather letting her know he loves her. *tear* I sure do love that little girl!! What is one of your favorite things your kids have told you?
                                                                           Yours Truly,

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