Friday, September 7, 2012

Martha Stewart Watch Out

    Like almost every woman in the world I am addicted to I get on there to look for a recipe for dinner and I end up staying on there for an hour. And also like most people on pinterest I pin a ton of things to my boards in hopes of doing them and yet never do. I even have a board on there titled "Things On Pinterest I've Actually Done" and let me tell you, it's the board with the least amount of pins. And okay, if I'm really being honest most of them are recipes...... but hey, completely off subject I have been staying faithful to my healthy lifestyle and am already down 2 lbs! 
    The thing is, I really want to be one of those super crafty chicks. I watch Craft Wars on TLC and I envy those people that can make a lamp shade out of watch straps and candy bar wrappers. In order to become the next crafting MacGyver..... or realistically a cheap person that has a couple cool decorations in her house, I am going to actually do some of the things I've pinned on pintertest!! Yay!! 
    First up, Picture Frame Jewelry Display. A little while ago I tried my hand at selling jewelry from home or as they put it, I was an independent jewelry consultant. The jewelry was nice, I've seen people be very successful in that business, blah blah blah.... in the end I sucked at getting people to book shows, my friends are cheap like me and get most their jewelry at Maurices, but I ended up with a ton of jewelry so bring on the craft! 
    This craft was a great starter craft for me. It didn't really require any special supplies.... I did have to buy hooks but I got a pack that had like 50 in it so I'll be making this again for a DIY Christmas present or housewarming gift. There were very few steps and it didn't take that long at all. The best part? The finished product actually looked like the picture! Woot! Woot! Maybe this soon-to-be thirty year old is a crafting diva after all..... this is only my first craft so I'll try not to get too cocky. What do you think?

This craft is daughter approved!!

                                                                      Yours Truly, 

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