Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Woes

***This entry may not be for those with a weak stomach. Just sayin' you've been warned.***

    It's Labor Day Weekend and we should be out at the lake, or having a picnic, or doing some other fun thing to enjoy the last little bit of summer. But no, instead the family and I are inside watching Disney and trying to recover from some sniper stomach bug that literally came out of nowhere. 

    It all started Thursday night when my sweet little baby boy K3 was being extra sweet and cuddly. While I was enjoying the random snuggle session at 7pm, I knew this was out of the norm for him. I stroked his head and then leaned him forward and looked my sweet little 2 year old in the eyes, "are you feeling okay baby?" K3 then looked up at me, opened his mouth, and vomited all over me. Yes, I was covered in toddler puke. In between gags I frantically searched for something, ANYTHING to stop this unwanted shower but came up empty handed and soaked. My husband has a weak stomach so while he tries to help and grab a towel I can hear him gagging down the hall. He throws me the towel and I tell him to just stay away. There's no way I will be cleaning up his vomit. Once I felt like K3 was done I rolled up our clothes to cover the mess and threw them into the washer. My husband, Nick was able to start the shower and put K3 in it with minimal dry heaving while I cleaned up the mess. I joined K3 in the shower and just laughed about the whole ordeal. 
   Later that night the girls were already in bed and K3 was snoozing on the love seat while Nick and I watched something highly educational on the t.v. such as Tosh.O. K3 started moving on the couch and I looked at Nick and said, "do you think he's cold?" Nick gave him a look and said, "um no, I think he's getting ready to puke." Sure enough K3 woke up and covered the love seat with vomit. This is the second time, though not the last in a period of 3 days where I just sat there and thought, "is this really happening. What the frick am I going to do now?" Nick, who surprised us both, jumped up and took K3 to the bathroom for another shower. I was left with the love seat and the real thought of just tossing it out. I really didn't want to clean it up and wasn't even sure if cleaning it would do any good. I got over my little fit, grabbed a bottle of bleach water, and gave that love seat the scrubbing of it's life. While I thought our dark blue love seat was going to end up with a big white bleach spot it actually came out pretty nice. Instead of a big bleach spot we just have a big clean spot on a rather lived-in love seat. The rest of the night was pretty uneventful and I really thought this stomach bug was just a fluke and we had seen the worst of it, boy was I wrong. 
    Friday was a pretty regular day. The girls went to school, Nick went to work, K3, who was feeling much better went grocery shopping with myself and my grandma. That night it was raining and we took K3 and K2 to my in-law's house while Nick, K1, and I braved the rain to cheer on the local high school football team. They pulled out a win for the 1st home game of the season, Go Dawgs! On the drive home from my in-laws house I heard a noise in the backseat. The noise was then followed by K2 saying, "sorry momma" and K1 screaming, "K2 is puking!!" We pull over and sure enough K2 my five year old is getting sick in the backseat. Nick, whose stomach of steel was only temporary starts vomiting out the drivers side window. Again I sit for a beat in my seat and think, "you've got to be kidding me." Knowing good and well that Nick won't be much if any help I jump out of the car and assess the situation. K2 was covered, the floor was clean, not a towel in site but a box of wipeys are in the diaper bag. I carefully help K2 out of the car and tell her to strip down. I clean her up, clean her car seat up (luckily there was very little to clean), throw her dress and the used wipeys away, and once Nick regained composure we drive the rest of the way home..... with the windows down of course.
    Now knowing that this stomach bug may be more then we thought, I got K2 showered and have her go to bed. I give her a cup of water and a bowl, just in case and start to mentally preparing for a long night. Two hours later K2 wakes up vomiting all over herself, bless her heart but apparently she forgot mama gave her a bowl for that stuff. So once again, I got K2 out of bed and clean her up. Give her some medicine, wash all her bedding, and send her back to bed with new sheets, a new bowl, and with a prayer that she sleeps through the night. While I make sure to be nice and loving to my kids through their illnesses (I mean it isn't their fault that they're sick), this mama was starting to wear down.
    Saturday morning I realized why I was wearing down, I was the third victim to the stomach bug. I always tell my children they need to share but this was one thing I would have rather them kept to themselves. My husband works weekends and everyone knows that moms don't get sick days. While I won't go into details about my sickness I will say that I spent a lot of time in the bathroom, my 7 year old tried to nurse me back to health with wet wash clothes and forehead massages, and at one point a friend of mine showed up at our door unexpectedly and I had to tell K1 to tell her to go away because we've been quarantined. Sorry about that April. Once Nick got home from work I spent the rest of the night in the bedroom sleeping. 
    At 4 am I was awoke by my oldest daughter calling my name. I run out of my bedroom to the living room completely disorientated only to realize the calls for help were coming from the bathroom. My eyes still fuzzy with sleep I see her sitting on the toilet with what we refer to as the "puke bowl" in hand. She says, "mom I threw up." My relief that she got to the bathroom on time was shortly lived as my eyes adjusted and she finished saying, "and I missed the bowl." With clear, fresh eyes I look into the bathroom and see that not only was she covered but the bathroom was COVERED in puke. And when I say covered I mean it literally looked like she spun around in a circle while vomiting, this was definitely a scene straight out of the Exorcist or something. Once again I am stuck standing there frozen with the realization that I am in the twilight zone and that nobody is going to help me. I wait for K1 to finish, start the shower for her, and begin the awful task of cleaning the bathroom. The problem is that the bathroom wasn't exactly "clean" to begin with so in her fit of sickness K1 not only covered the floor but covered the clothes and toilet paper roll that was on the floor, she covered the counter that had a magazine and incense on it, and covered the half-full trash can. As I get to work cleaning I accept the fact that puke is just going to get on my hands like it or not and try to block that thought out of my mind as far as possible. I like to think of it as Fear Factor Mode. It's where I have to block out all my sense and just tackle the task at hand. The only difference is that on Fear Factor when they're done doing something completely disgusting they walk away thousands of dollars richer. My only reward is using my special, guests only Bath and Body Works hand soap in attempts to rid myself of the grossness I just endured.
They're lucky they're cute!!
    Once K1 is showered, the bathroom cleaned, and the floor mopped I head back to bed and try to salvage some sleep only to be greeted by a 2 year old that was now wide awake. We watch a few hours worth of Rosanne reruns and fall asleep only for me to be awoken again by yet another person suffering from this devil of a stomach bug. Nick, who while I love, is my biggest baby when it comes to being sick (aren't all men) informs me that he's now sick too. So today while getting very little sleep I have nursing K1 and Nick back to health along with making sure K2 and K3 are doing okay. This fun-filled Labor Day weekend can't end soon enough. And while I'm thankful we have an extra day together and hope we are all feeling well enough to do something fun together; most likely we will be cleaning the house and making sure there are no more stomach bug germs just waiting to attack us again. What did you do Labor Day Weekend? 
                                                            Yours Truly,

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