Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baker Extraordinaire........ kind of

50th Anniversary Cake
    This past weekend I had the honor of making a 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake for a local couple. This was my 2nd time making a 50th Anniversary Cake and like the 40th cake I've decorated total. That being said I do not think of myself as a professional cake decorator. I do get paid for my cakes, even have nice little receipts with my business card attached but I still don't think I'm a professional cake decorator. I don't know why I don't want to be labeled as a professional. I've seen cakes that professionals have made and when looking at their cake photos my thought process is usually, "I can make that, I could probably make that, there's no way I could make that," and "hey, I think I made that..... yes I did make that same cake..... wow, and I charged a lot less for my cake. " I do charge less then most professional cake decorators because like I said, I don't feel like I'm a professional.
    The reason I don't think I'm ready to call myself a professional cake decorator is because 1. I don't have enough "clients" to be a professional. I have a bunch of supporters (177 on Facebook to be exact) of friends and family that keep me steady with cakes but I don't have enough cake business where I could call it my job. Not yet anyways. 2. I make mistakes. Not anything major but more like, if cakes were houses, mine would have that cozy, lived-in feel to them. They're nice, and they taste REALLY good, but if you look closely you'll probably find a smudge in the icing.
    In order to improve those two things and hopefully be even closer to a professional cake decorator by my 30th birthday (222 days)  I am going to have a cupcake tasting event. I've rented out my community center for Oct. 6th and I plan to have 4-6 different Fall flavored cupcakes available for people to try. Something with pumpkin, maybe an apple something, and I've got a Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Cupcake Recipe that looks really good! After they try the cupcakes I'll have a short 3 question survey for them to fill out on each cupcake. The goal is to practice flavor recipes I don't always make and see which ones are great, which ones need a little work, and which ones I claim my husband made and I have no clue what it's doing there. I hope to also gain a few more "customers" for upcoming cake and cupcake orders to give me even more practice. Will this be a success? Who knows. Will anyone even show up besides my husband? Lord I hope so..... Either way I hope you'll check back and see how it turns out. What cupcake flavor do you think of when you think Fall?
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