Thursday, August 23, 2012

One of Those Moms

1st day of school photo with their little brother
    It's a new school year and I officially have two kids going to school full-time. My oldest daughter is in 2nd grade and my youngest daughter (middle child) is in kindergarten. Unlike most people I dread the new school year. It's not because I'll miss my kids (which I will but they were REALLY pushing it last week) but it's because I hate having such a strict routine for 9 months. In the summer, besides softball games and one week of Vacation Bible School we have no routine. The kids get to sleep in as late as they want which means mommy gets to sleep in. We eat lunch around noonish..... I think once we ate lunch as late as 2pm. We did various things to fill up the day such as swimming, playing in the yard when it wasn't brutally hot, riding bikes, played the Wii, have friends stay the night any day of the week,etc. Now it's back to school and it's back to routine..... blah.  But in my quest to finding the true me, I have decided to embrace the new school year and try and be more like one of "those" moms. I know you know who "those" moms are and yes I make air quotations with my fingers every time I say that out loud. Those moms are the moms who always bring the really awesome snacks to the class parties, they're the moms that always take the extra 5 minutes in the morning to put the cute hair bows in their daughters hair and spike their 5 year old son's hair. They are involved in a million things but never seem frazzled. They write cute notes in the lunch boxes, make sure the homework is done right after school, and always send teacher gifts for special occasions. Whether we want to admit it or not I believe that the teachers can spot "those" moms within the 1st week of school and maybe, just maybe, they are a little bit nicer to the children of "those" moms because they know that will be one less parent they have to worry about and one parent who has their stuff together..... or will at least give them some fantastic smelling hand lotion for Christmas.
    Now I'm not going to kid myself I know that I probably won't be able to do all those things that I think the super moms do but maybe I could just do a few of them and create the illusion of being one of "those" moms. Kind of like how my husband straightens the living room to give it the illusion of clean but if you really stopped and looked you'd realize we've got about 17 crayons shoved in the couch, a inch of dust coating all surfaces, and what I believe to be a jelly hand print on the window. But squint your eyes and breath through your mouth and we've got ourselves one clean living room. And not only a clean living room but a living room cleaned by my husband. Woot! Woot! Yes ladies, I am one lucky bitch.
    Anyways back to my plan. Tomorrow is the last day of the first full week of school and so far I think it's going well. I've gotten the kids up in time to have a decent breakfast (cereal or pop tarts), made sure they had on cute outfits, put their hair in cute bows, and even walked them to and from school. Yes I may only live a block from the school but some days that block can feel like 5 miles but so far so good. They haven't taken their lunches to school yet (thank goodness because that's just one extra headache) so no special note taped to their sandwiches BUT I did send them both to school with a special note on the 1st day. I have even gone through their backpacks and gotten them to do their homework as soon as they get home. But here's where my illusionist skills come into play. They both had sheets of paper sent home asking us to collect box tops from participating items and to tape them to the paper. When the paper is filled up, they bring it back to the school, and the school earns a dollar. Now normally in the past I've gotten these sheets and just thrown them away. Most of my shopping involves store brands which don't participate in the box tops program and when I did have a box top we usually sat it somewhere and forgot about it. This year is a new year and I had big plans for those sheets. I recently did really good couponing (which hardly ever happens) and I had a whole bunch of items in my pantry with those special box tops on them. I went through the boxes we had set aside to recycle (another semi-new thing I'm trying out to help discover my environmentally conscious self.) and cut out as many box tops as I could. I evenly divided them up on the two sheets but I was still short a couple of box tops. Knowing that if I had to wait for a box of cereal bars or frozen biscuits to be emptied I would most likely lose the sheets I did the only logical thing I could think of. I cut as many box tops as possible off of boxes that weren't opened. We were going to eat them eventually so why not just use them now and actually get the sheet turned in. So with the sheets full, I put them in each of the girl's backpacks, and let the satisfaction of knowing that for the first time in 3 years I finally filled up one of those box tops sheets and our school is two dollars richer because of me sink in. I AM one of "those" moms!!!

unopened box missing box tops
    Or at least I thought I was until my husband comes into the living room with an unopened box of cereal bars that's missing the box tops. "Really Deja, really?" is all he said as he gave me one of those familiar women are so weird looks. So maybe I'm not one of those moms yet, BUT as far as my girl's teachers are concerned I am so maybe they'll have just a smidge more patience when dealing with my little angels and I'm satisfied with just the illusion of being one of those moms..... for now. 
                                                          Yours Truly,

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Beth said...

There is no shame in cutting out boxtops to fill a sheet, I do it too right before the deadlines each year! :) Yay free money!